It's a new month and a new adventure!

Welcome to the Forlorn Universe!

A Blake Walker Narrative

Three soldiers in a not so distant future sneak behind enemy lines on a recon mission.

Can they keep to the shadows, or will they be forced to engage?

Game Master

Blake Walker

Player Characters

Jericho; Brian Phillips

Slim Reeves; Joey Trowbridge

Jet; Zane Barkoviak

Part I of III

Episode 66 Copyright
Slumpoet - Heartbreak Friday's

Music provided by No Copyright Music:
Music used: War is Coming by Alexander Hoff
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Music Credit: Yakuzee Beatz
Track Name: "Life Goes On"
Music By: Yakuzee Beatz @
Original Music Video HERE:
Official Yakuzee Beatz YouTube Channel HERE: L
icense for commercial use: This is creative commons music that has been publicly released by "Yakuzee Beatz" under a "Public Attribution Agreement - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
Licence Full licence & usage rights details can be found HERE:
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Music provided by No Copyright Music: 
Music used: The War by Ender Güney  Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Hydraulic Lift #1 / No Copyright Sound Effect AR Sound Effects Credits:

Name: sarahbuzzerb Creator: nofeedbak Source:

Name:Walking_in_the forest_01.mp3 Creator:bokal Source:

Name: Single Gunshot 2.wav Creator: morganpurkis Source:

Name: Drone Flight with 4 rotors Creator: pitsch Source:

Name: Suspense Crime 02 Creator: tyops Source:

Name: ambientDanger.wav Creator: Divinux Source:

Name: Jet Engine 1.wav Creator: InSintesi Source: CC BY 3.0

Name: Knife Slits 1.mp3 Creator: WillHiccups Source:

Night Crickets Back Porch Credits: Creator: hdfreema


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