The crew finds their bearings after the battle at Beast's Castle.
A small child emerges from the forest with enemies in tow.
A magical pond leads to a distant land.


Brian Phillips

Player Characters

Louis Barrass; Blake Walker

Nester Bennett; Joey Trowbridge

Ivan Francis; Zane Barkoviak

Part I of III

"The Animate Sands" is an excerpt from the Bolero Universe - A Brian Phillips Narrative

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Episode 72 Copyright

Intro/Outro Music provided by our boy Slumpoet

"Crusade - Heavy Industry" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Title: Predator

Title: Mumbai Mood

Title: Indian Ambiance

TITLE: break-window
ARTIST: Kneeling

TITLE: CP_Whipping_Wind_Storm_Medium01
ARTIST: stewdio2003

TITLE: Earth1
ARTIST: pushtobreak

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