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Want to check out our older stuff? Here are a few good places to start! 


Classic Episodes (Pre-Narrative Driven)

 Variety Podcast Format Disney Dystopia

 Fiftieth Episode (One Year Anniversary) Heart and Soul

 Scattered Narrative Introducing Skelli-B

 Fight Culture Gaming Community Toxicity

 Personality Types The Science and Clickbait

Legacy Episodes

(Caution- Low Audio Quality Zone)

 A Little BIT of Magic Magic the Gathering

 Missing the 90s? Nostalgia and Inhumans

 All Hallows Eve 2017 Halloween Special

 Gamer Dispositions Potion or Poison?

 Oldie and Goodie Original Horror

Episode Styles

Current Episodes (Episode 64 - Now)

Critical Bit/Actual Play

We are storytellers at heart. Jump into our world as we attempt to create some Good Clean Narrative.

Episode titles are structured as follows:

(Episode Number). (Universe): (Story Arc) - (Part)

e.g. 66. Forlorn: A Well Oiled War Machine - Part I

Listeners can expect a complete story arc once per month, towards the end of the month.

Coffee Talk

These episodes are closest to our former Variety Show era format. They are laid back and explicit in style, serving as a way for listeners to hang out with the crew between story arcs. These episodes give us a chance to still talk video games and provide a place for us to talk about any updates or changes coming to the show.

Listeners can expect at least one of these per month.


Classic Episodes (Pre-Episode 64)

BITxBIT (Variety Show Era)

'BITxBIT' is the standard format for the podcast. Beginning with The Rundown, the hosts lay out what bit of nerd culture they have personally taken in for last two weeks. The Metagame segment is next. Here, the crew discusses the designated topic for the episode. Finally, HipFire wraps everything up. In this part of the show, everyone brings their own topic to the table for discussion. These topics are kept secret until the show is recorded and can be anything from, "What is your favorite cartoon?" to, "What is the meaning of life?"  

The Breakdown (Legacy 3)

A news broadcast style show that breaks down all the recent stories in gaming, tech, and entertainment. 

Metagame (Legacy 3)

There is one big topic for the episode. Everyone brings their own thoughts and opinions with the intent of having one large conversation. Tangents are welcomed.  

HipFire (Legacy 3)

In this style of episode, all participants bring their own secret topic to the table to be dissected by the other members of the show. 

Legacy 2 (Blue and Orange)

Loosely structured episodes from a simpler time. 

Legacy 1 (Blue Fade)

Where it all began.