The Hosts


The BITxBIT podcast is hosted by Blake Walker, Brian Phillips, and Joey Trowbridge (as pictured). 

 Blake Walker

The podcast creative director and co-founder. He is married to a kick-ass lady and lives in downtown Indianapolis. Blake has been playing games seriously since 2001. A veteran of the Xbox community that recently switched to the PC. He is the walking encyclopedia when it comes to the lore of the Halo games and Star Wars. Most days you will find him sitting, or sleeping, in front of his computer, probably messing with the podcast logo again.  

Brian Phillips

Brian is the production director and co-founder of BITxBIT. He is an Illinois native that recently located to the Indianapolis area with his awesome wife. He enjoys movies (old and new), gaming on his retro systems or PC, and eating a good steak. He can often be found in the comfort of his computer chair playing Dead by Daylight and eating snacks from his candy drawer. When Brian isn't gaming, he is spending time with his wife, listening to other podcasts, or creating a new GURPs campaign.  

Joey Trowbridge

Joey is the third co-host of the podcast. He was recruited after a few very successful guest segments. His wit and blunt humor are now a crucial part of the formula. Joey grew up in Indiana. He recently built the most well-maintained PC ever constructed. Joey is a fanatic about keeping his rig overclocked, stable, dust free, and running at solid temps. When Joey isn't playing Red Dead Redemption 2 or catching up on his gaming backlog, he can be found riding his purple Harley through the back roads of scenic, rural Indiana.